WeHunt GPS is available to purchase from Normark dealerships in Sweden and Norway; to find your nearest dealership, go to: www.wehuntapp.com/resellers

The recommended retail price for the GPS is SEK 1995; a GPS subscription with unlimited use is SEK 995/year. No traffic restrictions, no topping up in the middle of the hunt - the unit automatically selects the GSM network that has the best reception in the area and works in all EU/EEA countries.

If you have a Minifinder Atto, you can configure this so that it works with WeHunt at https://my.wehuntapp.com/minifinder. Please note that you need to continue paying for the subscription for the GPS, otherwise it will no longer send its locations to other systems. You will need a WeHunt Pro subscription in WeHunt in order to track the GPS. All Minifinder Atto-based units, including those with a different logotype, can be reconfigured for use with WeHunt. Certain functions in the app will only work with WeHunt GPS.